Sunday, November 28, 2010

AU Switcheroo Series: Lieutenant T'Pol

Lieutenant T'Pol
colored pencil, pencil
© 2010 by A. Dameron
#1 in AU Switcheroo Series

Here is a sketch of Lieutenant T'Pol, helmswoman of an alternate Enterprise NX-01. She is a character in my AU Switcheroo Series which is at the Delphic Expanse (see link). The series started as a writing challenge: write about an alternate NX-01 by switching the crew around so they're in a different ship position, but keep their personalities and/or relationships. In this AU, T'Pol is in Operations, so she's wearing yellow stripes and she also wears an IDIC medallion.

All original art copyright 2010 by A. Dameron Star Trek is owned by CBS/Paramount. No copyright infringement meant, no profit made.

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