Sunday, November 14, 2010

MU Empress Hoshi Sato in Klingon Dress, #4 in Mirror Universe

MU Empress Hoshi in Klingon Dress
pencil, pen, colored pencil, brush pen
© 2010 by A. Dameron
#4 in Mirror Universe

Empress Hoshi Sato, ruler of the Terran Empire, makes a state visit to the Klingon Empire. She commissioned a dressmaker to design an appropriate attire. She holds her primary weapon of choice, Japanese sais (Okinawan, recognizable by the opposite-facing tines on the handle) and a knife. (Story by the MU Enterprise Twitter RP)

All original art copyright 2010 by A. Dameron Star Trek is owned by CBS/Paramount. No copyright infringement meant, no profit made.

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