Monday, December 27, 2010

A Vulcan in Canada? (Art and Short Story)

A Vulcan in Canada?
oil pencil, pastel pencil, colored pencil, marker
© 2010 by A. Dameron

My dear T'Para: Ambassador Soval has suggested I experience firsthand how Humans live and work in their varied environments. The junior aide to the Starfleet Supply Adjunct has invited me to his family home. It is in a place called Quebec, Canada. It is the complete opposite of Vulcan as far as weather is concerned: snow and is more like Andoria. But Lieutenant Charbonneau speaks highly of a substance called 'maple syrup'...a prized condiment that comes from the sap of a maple tree. I have acquired a certain taste for the confection and am curious as to its formation. So I have accepted his offer of hospitality to his family estate, where they gather the sap from their groves. The Charbonneau family has asked me if I would accompany them on their rounds. This should be a rather unique experience.

I will continue to detail my experiences, my betrothed. Please update me on the clan in Shi'Kahr, and is Tukat the Sehlat recovered from his misadventure in the Forge? I certainly hope he has.

Your bondmate,
(aide to Ambassador Soval
Earth date: 27 December 2154)

All original art copyright 2010 by A. Dameron Star Trek is owned by CBS/Paramount. No copyright infringement meant, no profit made.

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