Friday, April 8, 2011

CSI: San Francisco 2151 (ENT AU)

CSI: San Francisco, 2151 (ENT AU)
colored pencil, oil pencil
© 2011 by A. Dameron

An alternate universe mash-up of CSI and Star Trek Enterprise.
Clockwise from upper left: Dr. Liz Cutler (Toxicologist) Dr. Phlox (Forensic pathologist), Lt. Hoshi Sato (profiler/linguist), T. Pol (Forensic photographer/graphic expert), Sgt. T. Mayweather (Vice Squad), and Lt. M. Reed (Ballistics)

All original art copyright 2010-2011 by A. Dameron Star Trek is owned by CBS/Paramount. No copyright infringement meant, no profit made.

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