Index of Star Trek Art by Collection and Number

Ladies from the Worlds of Star Trek
#1 Ladies from the Worlds of Star Trek (art)
#2 Lieutenant Talas
#3 The Vulcan Priestess
#4 The Thrill of Being a Trill
#5 Orion Dancer
#6 Vulcan Woman Meditating
#7 Sirah (Orion)
#8 Andorian Farewell
#9 Romulan Commander Vhrisa i-Ra'tlehlfi T'Khnialmnae
#10 Exotic Alien Dancer

Women of the NX-01
#1 Lt. Helene Ollson
#2 Ensign Jenny Chin
#3 Lt. Deborah Thallmann
#4 Dr. Penda Nadhari

Enterprise NX-01 Crew
Twilight Hoshi
Doctor Phlox Sketch
Ensign Travis Mayweather
Twilight Trip and Malcolm
First Attempt at Sketching Jonathan Archer
Quick Sketch of Lt. Malcolm Reed
Jonathan Archer Sketch, colored
First Attempt at Sketching T'Pol, colored
First Attempt at Sketching T'Pau, colored
Warrior Women (Hoshi Sato and Jhamel Shran)
The Colonel and the Empress (Malcolm and Hoshi, ENT Twitter fanfic)
Lt. Malcolm Reed with Phase Rifle (Zero Hour)
Commander Trip Tucker (Silent Enemy)

Other ENT-era crew
NX-04 Atlantis
Self Portrait (ENT era)

Mirror Universe
#1 MU Self-Portrait (ENT era)
#2 Commodore Erika Hernandez
#3 MACO Sergeant Travis Mayweather
#4 Empress Hoshi Sato in Klingon Dress
#5 Dr. Elizabeth Cutler in Klingon Dress
#6 Captain's Woman

AU Switcheroo Series (ENT-era, alternate universe)
Lieutenant T'Pol
Captain Hoshi Sato, LCDR Trip Tucker and Dr. Malcolm Reed
Rough Sketch, Capt. Hoshi Sato
Commander Travis Mayweather and Captain Sato
Healer Kov

Planets and Space
Icy Planet

Women of the 1701 (TOS)
Dr. Rehema Bikubwe

TNG Crew
Dr. Beverly Crusher
Deanna Troi
Geordi La Forge

DS9 Crew
Chief Miles O'Brien

A Curious Gathering in Ten Forward

Alien Cultures
Imzadi (Betazoid)
Hoshi meets the First Henn (fanfic "Squawk Means Hello, Cluck Means Goodbye)
Solov and Thera (Andorian)

Star Trek Ships
#1 Sketch of ENT Ships
#2 D'Kyr Class Ship (Vulcan Ring Ship)
#3 Romulan Warbird
#4 USS Maxwell Forrest, NCC-1009
#5 USS Cochrane