Star Trek Resources

Memory Alpha (Star Trek Wiki)
Memory Beta (for licensed Star Trek works, novels, comic books, etc. non-canon)
Neutral Zone (Pre-Federation Database)
Starfleet Medical Reference Manual
A Primer to Star Trek Food and Drink (British Food and Drink)
TrekCore (screencaps)
ST Minutiae (all the little details)
Explosive Decompression Article
Internet Stellar Database

Chrissie's Transcript Site

Star Trek Art
Enterprise Oddities
Pencil Sketch
Sev Trek
The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi
Pot Luck Comics: Ensign Sue Must Die! (Hilarious! If you hate Mary Sues, this is for you!)
Star Trek Enterprise on Deviant Art
Star Trek MU on Deviant Art

Language Websites
tlhIngan Hol (Klingon Encyclopedia)
tlhIngan Hol mu'gh (Klingon Language wiki)
Hol'ampaS (Qurgh's Klingon Language Site)
Tweet in Klingon (Yeah. Seriously)
Vulcan Language Institute
Vulcan Language Dictionary
Rhiannsu Encyclopedia (Romulan)
The Septic's Companion (British Slang)
London Slang (Slang particular to London)

Ships and Technology
Ex Astris Scientia (ship interior/plans)
Navigation Coordinates in Star Trek (Exactly what it sounds like. ST weapons!)
Daystrom Institute Technical Library
The Enterprise Project by Waxing Moon Designs
Eavesdropping with Johnny (John Eaves' Starship design blog)

Interesting sites
The Pecan Pie Chronicles

Writin' Across Universes (Annie's Fanfic site, includes AU Switcheroo Series and Crossovers)
Warp 5 Complex (Star Trek Enterprise)
EntSTFic on Yahoo (gen/het, must be over 18 to join)
EntSTSlash on Yahoo (slash fic, must be over 18 to join)
Trip and T'Polers (STE)
The Logical Choice (Archer/T'Pol, STE)
Linguistics Database (Hoshi Sato, STE)
MH Explosion (Hoshi Sato/Malcolm Reed, STE)
Star Trek: Future's Past (Captain Soma Adventures)
Reed's Armory (Star Trek Enterprise)
Endeavour Chronicles (by Rigil Kent, STE)
Fanfic Archive at Triaxian Silk
Fanfic Archive at Delphic Expanse
TrekSoap on LiveJournal
Star Trek Enterprise at
Star Trek Deep Space Nine at
Star Trek the Next Generation at
Star Trek the Original Series at
Star Trek Voyager at
Star Trek 2009 at